that feeling of power when someone messages you “what the heck i wanted this url and it was taken and YOU TOOK IT”

the only thing i can sew is pants


since somebody asked for my brush settings, here they are! these are the brushes I favor 95% of the time unless I have to use Photoshop for something

there are kind of a lot ahaha sorry

they’re really nothing special, and I’m often changing certain things depending on my needs, but I’m happy to share the settings I’m currently using anyway c:

everything else is either completely default or doesn’t get used often

just keep in mind these aren’t necessarily set in concrete so I encourage you to play around until they suit your own style

(these also look best in high resolutions!)

trying out sai, decided to draw my son



ALMANDINE: live / static | RHODONITE: live / static | FLEUR: live / staticVIEW CODE ✄

  • 56 colour options
  • 9 custom links (click-activated)
  • 1 column only
  • [new!] full screen option
  • [new!] visible tags & like and reblog buttons option
  • [new!] female/male/display none option
  • [new!] music player option
  • small posts option (400px/500px)
  • smaller screen option
  • show captions option
  • infinite scrolling option
  • monochrome posts, fading photos options
  • popup blogroll, updates drop-down options
  • permalink pokemon pixels option
  • white photoset lightbox (courtesy of ladmilk uvu)

how to upload your own permalink sprites | manually change gender iconrpg icons credit | pokemon sprites || Hey guys! I decided to make a full return to theme making by adding the long-awaited options to [33] R.P.G., such as the full screen version and visible tags. Thank you for the 10k+ notes that this theme has garnered thus far!!

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My cousin, TALLON, was reported MISSING today. He is an AUTISTIC BLACK TEEN AND IS COMPLETEY NON-VERBAL. HE DOES NOT RESPOND TO HIS NAME. This young man went out for his daily bike ride, unattended, and did not come back. Tonight, HE IS IN LA BY HIMSELF. He is 6’0, 200lbs, and was last seen wearing a white t shirt and khaki shorts. PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST!!

UPDATE (10/19/14 10:37 PM) I typed this very quickly and realized that I had misread the poster, he DOES RESPOND TO HIS NAME. I apologize for my mistake, but please continue to reblog this because the situation is just as scary!!!


He was recently located at UCLA medical center in good condition. Thank you to everyone for your support. My family and I really appreciate it. :)

i want to draw but i am so tired



for halloween im dressing up as a superwholock




imagine your icon has suddenly, inexplicably, become your legal guardian

I’m going to die


uh ok i recently realized that i only use these brushes to draw in sai. and people still are asking me what ones i use so UGHgdasf here i spill all me secrets!!!1